The new era in direct mail. DOORECT Mail is the new and affordable way to send direct mail.

Rates starting as low as $0.10!


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How it works.

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  • Doorect as low as $0.10 per household when you send a group mailer.
    EDDM as low as $0.30 per household when you send a custom mailer.

  • Connect with locals through traditional mailers. Prices may vary due to the Group mailerand ad sizes. EDDM Customizedmailers pricing depends on locations and mailer sizes.

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    Do you want to stay local or are you looking to expand your marketing reach? Either way, Doorect or EDDM mailers are a great way to target a specific city or area. We can blanket the entire town with you marketing material, getting your information in front of the household decision makers.

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    Want to cover a large proximity near your store or office? Tell us how far you want the mailers to go in proximity and we will tell you how many households, how much it will cost and what your postage will be.

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    We work with United States Postal Service to get you the best prices and pin point the exact mail carriers that will delver your mailers. We can find the exact routes and even streets that you want to target in your mail marketing campaign.

Local Business Campaigns

With the Doorect Mail service from Every Merchant, reaching the market that matters most to your business, your locals, has never been easier. Traditional print advertising has been around for years and is still an effective practice to add to your marketing repertoire.

Our mailers will help you target mailing routes by neighborhood, ZIP Code or city around your business. Identify the number of active households and businesses in your selected area and estimate postage. Available for both Doorect (group) mailers and EDDM (customized) mailers.

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